Apple Watch and Mobile Phone Watch Charger Combo


Applicable To Apple Mobile Phone Watch Charger Combo


Applicable To Apple Mobile Phone Watch Charger Iwatch Watch Wireless Charging Cable 2-in-1 Magnetic Data Cable
Product Name: One for two mobile phone watch wireless charger
color: White
Input interface: USB male (connected to the power supply)
Output interface: circular coil base (adsorption watch)
Input parameters: DC5V/1A (supply voltage cannot exceed 7.5V)
Input voltage: DC-5V/DC-9V
Input current: DC-2A/DC-1.67A
Wireless output voltage: DC 5V/DC-5V
Wireless output current: DC-1A/0.3A
Wireless output standard: QI WPC 1.1.1, QI WPC 1.2
Wireless charging working frequency: 110KHZ-205KHZ
Storage temperature: -10 ° ~ 70 °
Working temperature: 0°~45° This product is suitable for wireless charging standard of Apple Watch iWatch protocol, suitable for mobile phones, digital, communication, GPRS, automotive and other products.

Note: Do not drop, do not drop in the water, can not be close to high temperature, the input voltage can not exceed 7.5V


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